Concord police say mom probably saved infant's life during dog attack

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A 10-month-old baby was attacked by the family dog, a German Shepherd-mix, Friday afternoon and is being treated at Children's Hospital in Oakland.

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The boy's father says the baby is doing okay. He's being treated for bites to his head. The victim's father couldn't talk because he was taking care of his 7-year-old son, who witnessed what police described as a traumatic attack.

Concord police shot and killed the dog as they tried to get the baby to paramedics for help.

"The dog was very aggressive actually," said Blakely. "He took an aggressive stance toward our officer and that's when our officer discharged his firearm."

Meanwhile, an officer ran inside to get the boy.

"When the officers pulled him out, quiet," Blakely added. "The emotional scene having to wrap his head."

The baby underwent surgery at Oakland Children's Hospital after suffering bites to the head. He's expected to be okay.

His 7-year-old brother is struggling after witnessing the traumatic attack.

"The 7-year-old started screaming, which caught mom's attention," said Sgt. Chris Blakely of the Concord police. "Mom came in there and was able to pull the dog away and prevent any further attack. That probably saved his life."

The German Shepherd-Mastiff mix, named Charlie, was 80 pounds.

"Talking to mom it sounds like the dog never showed any signs of aggression," Blakley added. "In the past and mom actually raised this dog since he was a little pup."

Neighbors tell ABC7 News the dog was aggressive. One neighbor said Charlie attacked her dog a few years ago. Contra Costa Animal Services is investigating.
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