Concord daycare has van stolen for second time

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A Concord daycare has been targeted by thieves again. The group has had their van stolen twice and that's not all that's gone missing.

ABC7 obtained surveillance video of two people hanging out near Dianne Adair Daycare at 2 AM Saturday. Moments later, more video shows the van being stolen and driven toward Concord Boulevard.

The van was parked just feet from the daycare's front door. It was reported stolen Monday morning.

The facility and the children rely on the vans for after school pick up and for field trips. Now going on day two with just one van left, the problems are already starting after school.

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Debbie Trammel is Dianne Adair's site director-- she said, "We have to do it in shifts so I pick up a group, I have to leave a teacher there, bring them back, go back and forth each time."

Jalyce Fairley, the daycare's assistant director, said, "The kids are concerned about their summer, how they're going to get from school to here from daycare, it makes parents nervous."

Parent Jennifer Hillsapp admits, "I'm just more worried about safety and who is coming onto the grounds after hours and why this keeps happening."

The same exact van was stolen last July and was found three weeks later in Bay Point. Then issues began with gas siphoning.

It costs $160.00 per van per week to fill up-- and every week the vans would be emptied.

Police believe the same people may be responsible for all of this. And the pair in the video are considered persons of interest.
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