East Bay tries to keep cool with another day of blazing heat

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- It was another day of blazing hot temperatures in the East Bay. Surprisingly, Contra Costa Fire officials say calls for heat exhaustion and heat stroke have not gone up -- yet. But most residents are still looking for ways to keep cool. Most, but not all like the half dozen middle-aged students taking a Pickle Ball glass at Heather Farm Park.

"I'm going to be serving, you're going to be returning."

Instructor Carmen Sanz, a vigorous-looking woman in a baseball cap, dark shirt and shorts and her class, is the text book definition of not keeping your cool.

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It was high noon on the court at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek -- and it's really hot.

"I've been here since a quarter to nine. It's now 12:15 almost. It was already hot in the morning" she said.

I asked how many times she's had to change her shirt this morning.
She replied, "This is the third time."

She made sure to a eat a nutritious meal the night before, and stayed hydrated -- the same routine she recommended to her students.

Across the street, the always popular Heather Farm pool was already busy with folks trying to use the water as a protective shield against the sun. Others who didn't have time to swim did the best they could.

"Unfortunately, I have to work, but I'm prepared. I'm wearing light clothing and I stopped at the market and filled up my bag with gelato and ice cream," said Monica Prizant of Walnut Creek.
"I'm going to go inside, buy some popsicles and water, and wait to pick up the grand kids from school," said to Sep Saajamo of Walnut Creek.

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Despite the sizzling temperatures, Contra Costa Fire Department says calls for heat exhaustion and heat stroke are actually down the past couple of days. But that's not expected to last. In fact, extra fire crews are being put on to help in case the heat becomes too much for firefighters.

"We have two additional companies. That's six additional firefighters that are on staff, they have been since yesterday. They will be through tomorrow," said CCFD spokesman Steve Hill.
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