Coronavirus: North Bay students connect with fellow CA Class of 2020 on Instagram amid COVID-19 pandemic

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- If emptiness could make a noise, it would be practically screaming at Redwood High School in Marin County, or any other in California while they're locked down.

Campuses that should be the scenes of a quickening rush to summer have become just the opposite.

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It is especially difficult for the senior class of 2020.

"It is pretty desolate right now," said Drake Goodman from Redwood. He'll be going to college at Wharton next year.

"We're unique because our senior year was in the middle of a global pandemic," added Luis Esteva Suervo from Sonoma Valley High School. He needs to decide between Harvard or West Point.

The two seniors are separate, but connected by a purpose.

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"What we are doing is trying to get as close as possible as we can given our resources," said Drake.

They're doing it by creating a new Instagram page called CAClassof2020. It's a forum where all of California's 1 million graduating seniors can share something of their unusual experience.

"While we are disappointed, we are understanding," Esteva said.

"Rather than sulk around and resent the world we can still have the memories of a senior year even though we can't be together," added Drake.

For any of us, COVID-19 has led to a unique experience, but especially for the class of 2020. Most of them won't be able to walk across a stage at graduation. Or, go to proms. And yet, if any group is better suited for a virtual existence, it's probably them.

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"Even though we are masters of the virtual age, we don't want to spend our time at the computer," said Esteva.

So they're working on virtual proms, virtual graduations, and other shared experiences.

From safe and sane in previous years to safe at home this year in front of their screens.

It's almost a native environment.

"Life is extremely unexpected," Esteva told us. "Nothing is predictable."

That's a 20/20 vision.

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