Coronavirus Bay Area: Solano County issues shelter-at-home health order

SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A shelter-at-home health order was issued by officials in Solano County Wednesday.

All other Bay Area counties have already issued similar orders.

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"I was surprised it took them that long to issue the order. I don't know how I feel staying home all day long but I'm sure we can still go out to the parks and stuff," says Vanda Kingsbury of Vallejo.

In a YouTube clip Solano County's Health Officer said Tuesday that a "shelter-in-place" was not needed, "the problem is people are over-reading the orders their overreacting."

A day later the county issued a "shelter-at-home" order. The shelter-at-home order allows people to go outside and take walks but has the same type of business and travel restrictions as a shelter-in-place.

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Some like Larry Williams says he's not surprised by the delay, "I think the low count of people affected by it in Solano County was the reason behind it."

Nine people have been confirmed to have the COVID-19 virus in Solano County and mayor Bob Sampayan of Vallejo believes now was the time to issue this order.

"I think the timing is right for now and it is very important that we fall in line with the other counties. The reality is this is the reality this is a pandemic the world health organization has said it, the CDC has said it, our president has said it, our governor has said it and you can't deny that."

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