Coronavirus kindness: San Francisco YMCA offers free pop-up camps for children of essential workers amid COVID-19 pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Sometimes, opposites attract. In this case, they are a worldwide negative turned into a local positive, beating novel coronavirus with rock, paper and scissors.

"Tomorrow is capture the flag," said counselor Joshoua Cortez.

It is the answer to an essential question, and maybe be also the prayers for essential workers who need to work, but had no place to keep their kids. The San Francisco YMCA has opened four free pop-up camps now serving some 100 children of grocery workers, medical people, and sheriff's deputies, etc. allowing them to work.

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"My parents. They just watch TV," said Antwon Blackmitchell. That's what he told us, anyway. Isn't television essential?

"Yes," he said.

"What is it like being stuck at home?," we asked Anthony Marcque. "Boring," he answered.

Not here, though. We did broach the subject of COVID-19.

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"Worried?" we asked Antwon. "Just a little bit," he said.

But nothing beats fear like fun all while washing hands, constantly getting their temperatures checked routinely, and keeping six feet apart.

"We tell them spread your wings like a bird or airplane," said Joshoua Cortez.

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So, now your obvious question. How many of these kids have become sick in the last month? Do you really have to know?


Take that, coronavirus.

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