After 14-day quarantine, SF woman shares advice to anyone who may feel sick from COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- (ABC7 multimedia producer Juan Carlos Guerrero has been documenting his 14-day quarantine, which started when his wife contracted COVID-19. Click here to see his coronavirus diary.)

Last night, dinner with my wife was special. There was no anniversary or birthday to celebrate. We were just marking our last distance meal together.

By distance, I mean we have been eating about 20 feet away from each other for the past two weeks. She got sick with coronavirus and has been confined to our bedroom to avoid spreading the disease to the rest of the household, including me.

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To keep her company, I have eaten my meals outside the bedroom door. But today is the end of that because her quarantine ends and she can finally leave the bedroom.

"I feel like crying right now. I am extremely excited to be outside of my room for the first time in two weeks," she said after exiting the room and walking to the living room.

Maintaining the quarantine wasn't easy, especially early on when she did not know if she even had COVID-19. When the test result finally came back positive, it was actually a sigh of relief because her symptoms were mild and we were almost done with the mandated quarantine.

During that time she worked from a desk and entertained herself with a tablet and cellphone.

Since I had been in close contact with her, I also had to undergo 14 days of self-isolation. I had more freedom than her because I never showed any symptoms that I was infected. I was able to go outside to walk the dog, but could not go into stores or go grocery shopping.

"It's very important that if you feel sick that you stay home to prevent others from getting sick as well," she gave as an advice to anyone who may feel even a little sick.

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A few days after she began the quarantine, the Bay Area began its stay-at-home order.

Like many of you, we kept in touch with family through our cellphone. I talk to my daughters by video chat. A nephew in the East Bay sends clips of his virtual karate lessons. Nieces in Spain showed us how they learned to have fun with their stairs. In Argentina, a cousin shares how a neighbor entertains them every night with his trumpet.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health says my wife is no longer contagious, so she can finally go outside again, to at least walk the dog.

We have big plans to celebrate the end of the quarantine by doing things we have not been able to do for two weeks.

That is order takeout and watch a movie together in the living room. Simple pleasures that had been denied.

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