Veteran helps VA Hospitals by donating PPE during COVID-19 pandemic

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020
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A veteran is giving back to the VA community by donating protective equipment through a fundraiser.

This small business is doing its part to help veterans amid the COVID-19 pandemic by donating personal protective equipment, more commonly referred to as PPE. Cynergy Professional Systems, a Laguna Hills, CA IT and communication company, has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for critical supplies to help health care professionals at VA Hospitals.

"We've had many of them reach out to us. And we've reached out to many VA hospitals throughout the nation to try to provide them with gear that they need right now, that they're unable to get," said president and founder of Cynergy, Cynthia Mason.

For Mason, who is a service-disabled Marine Corps veteran, helping the VA is personal: "The VA has helped me tremendously. They discovered that I had a tumor in my thyroid and they were the ones that kept insisting that I go in to do a checkup."

With the help of their grassroots team, including her daughter Edda Margeson, Cynergy has delivered more than 30,000 surgical and N95 masks to states in critical need, such as California, New York and Louisiana.

"We don't leave anybody behind, that is one of the things that we're taught. You don't leave anyone behind, and I'm hoping that message hopefully can echo through our nation," Mason said.

"Don't leave anybody behind, we're in this together. And as such, let's all come out of it together," Mason added.

You can help by making a donation for more medical supplies to their GoFundMe campaign.