Crews work overnight to remove crane that crashed into Campbell home

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Crews work overnight to remove crane that crashed into Campbell home
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Crews in Campbell are working late into the night to clean up the huge mess left behind after a crane toppled into a home Tuesday.

CAMPBELL, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews in Campbell worked to right a crane after it crashed into a house Tuesday afternoon.

VIDEO: Crane crashes into Campbell home

Nearly 12 hours later -- the crane is still there.

It was after dark by the time crews up-righted the crane. The large piece of equipment fell just before 12 a.m.

Joseph Forde wasn't home at the time but he came home to the crane narrowly missing his house. "I kind of felt like it was sort of surreal, like, I left this morning and it was completely fine," he said.

The crane clipped two backyard sheds before crashing onto the roof of a house on Charmain Drive.

"It wasn't much of a crash, it was just a loud boom and a kind of thump -- and I was mowing the lawn and I heard and felt it," said Justin Betesfandiar, who was a block away from the crash.

A subcontractor for PG&E had been working to remove a power pole from the backyard of a house on Sondra Way. It's still unclear why the crane fell.

"They believe the boom was extended to 190 feet when it was doing its lift and that's when it tipped over," said Santa Clara County Fire Battalion Chief Brian Glass.

Betsy Perry said she wasn't at all worried about the heavy equipment being used on her street until she heard the crash. "I ran outside immediately and to find out that everybody, thank God, was okay. That was the main concern," she said.

Police and fire officials confirm no one was hurt. PG&E cut power to some customers ahead of the construction work. After the accident, they brought in a generator to provide temporary electricity.

The King Crane company has not returned multiple requests for comment.