Some calling for the death of the credit card signature

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Starting Friday, major US credit card companies such as Mastercard, American Express and Discover are doing away with requirements for gathering signatures at checkout.

Visa is expected to make the change sometime this month.

"I got to sign a bunch of tax papers coming up this weekend so one less signature is good to me," San Jose resident Rod Delatorre said.

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Many say it's about time that the practice of signing goes away, but others like the sense of security that comes with signing a receipt at the cash wrap. "I don't do like the thumbprint on my phone," San Jose resident Britt Shafran said. "I'm an old-fashioned girl."

Employees at Zanotto's Family Markets in the South Bay have seen just how much point-of-sale technology has evolved over the years. The company currently requires signatures for in-store purchases over $25, but is looking at changing its policy in the coming weeks. "We want it to be a wonderful experience in here," said Khadija Zanotto, Zanotto's store manager in Willow Glen. "Speed is part of the Bay Area and part of this transition."

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Experts said dropping the signature requirement makes sense with the 2015 implementation of the EMV chip on US credit cards. "You're saving tons of money translated by how much time you're saving for processing people and having less frustration," said Ahmed Banafa, professor of engineering at San Jose State University.

This weekend, Havana Cuba is celebrating its grand re-opening as a fast casual concept at the SoFa Market in San Jose. The restaurant now uses the Clover system, which can also accept Apple Pay, in addition to all of major credit cards. "With all of the technology, the smart cards, and the embedded chip, there's less fraud," said Jennifer Echeverri, Havana Cuba owner.

A sign of the times, as merchants try to keep customers satisfied and secure.
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