Coronavirus: Fear, anxiety sets in for passengers aboard cruise ship under quarantine

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The number of confirmed coronavirus cases on board a quarantined cruise ship docked in Japan has nearly doubled in the past 48 hours to more than 136, including at least 23 Americans.

From vacation cruise to a total nightmare. Some passengers on board the Diamond Princess, docked in Yokohama are trying to stay sane.

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Including newlyweds Gaetano and Milnea.

"We aren't sick and we want to keep it that way," said Gaetano Cerullo.

But other passengers are.

Rebecca Frasure from Oregon is one passenger from that quarantined cruise ship, with a confirmed case of coronavirus. For some, it can be serious and deadly. But so far, Rebecca's treatment in an isolated hospital room onshore has been going well.

"It doesn't even feel like a cold, to be honest, I wouldn't have known that there was anything wrong with me if they hadn't tested me," Frasure.

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Her husband had to stay behind on the ship, so far he's tested negative.

He's on day six of a minimum 14-day quarantine on board the ship.

Julie Choy from San Francisco is confined to her cabin, she and her relatives are ok and not showing symptoms of the virus.

But there is no contact with the crew.

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"They deliver us food, breakfast lunch, dinner, other than that I don't see anyone," said Choy.

During a video chat, Julie showed us her small 10 by 16 foot cabin with no windows.

"It has a bathroom, one chair, one desk," Choy added.

Many passengers are now concerned about the ventilation system, fearing the virus may spread through the vents, although there is no evidence to support this.

The official quarantine period ends on Feb. 19, but that doesn't mean passengers will be allowed to leave.

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