Dash cam video shows Madera ride along gone wrong

A civilian was on a ride along with a police officer when she got caught up in a terrifying traffic stop. Dramatic video shows the interaction.

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A traffic stop in the Central Valley appears routine at first, but then turns into a dangerous chase for an officer who had just finished training and was on his second week working alone.

The dash cam video from Madera shows the officer with a civilian guest in the cruiser for a ride along, trying to pull over a Mazda.

Video shows the terror taking over the passenger:

Passenger: He's not stopping.

Officer: No.

Passenger: You're kidding me right?

But the driver takes off and the officer chases. Within seconds, the woman in the cruiser screams as the squad car is about to come under fire.

Passenger: He has a gun! No, no, no, no.

Officer: Shots fired.

Just as they turn a corner, the video shows gunfire.

A person from the passenger side of the Mazda fires 12 times. Three of the bullets hit and disable the police cruiser, forcing the officer to end the pursuit.

The police department later shared pictures of the patrol car's windows shattered and and police say the suspect abandoned a gun and they found it in the car. He still hasn't been caught.

"As far as close calls, this was a very close situation where an officer could have been killed, or the passenger," said Detective Johnny Smith of the Madera Police Department.

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Police say the officer was not injured at all. The young woman did suffer some minor cuts from the broken glass.

Madera police released new information Monday morning and said they have many leads and they are confident that they will have the two suspects in custody by the end of the week.
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