Daughter grieves loss of father, longtime Safeway worker, after attack on Napa Valley Vine Trail

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Police are investigating the beating death of a man on a popular trail in the North Bay. It happened on a bicycle path known as the Napa Valley Vine Trail near the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue.

Andrea Davis is still deeply feeling the pain.

And yet, she describes this as an already daily ritual and pilgrimage. An act of remembrance for her father, Douglas Davis, Jr.

This undated image shows Douglas Davis Jr.

This undated image shows Douglas Davis Jr.

"I will be here every single day for the rest of my life," said Davis.

Last Wednesday night, police and paramedics found her father lying on the trail, unresponsive, next to his bicycle.

"He was beaten to death. Blunt force trauma. Hit in the head. Broke all his ribs and collar bone," said Davis.

The victim worked long-term as a checker at Napa's only remaining Safeway. He had a familiar face and a first-name basis personality. Workers describe him as great to be around.

"Always came in with a smile. Always happy," said Adam Ulry. "If you were having a bad day, he made it better."

Good friends like Nancy Duarte have yet to come to grips with the loss.

"It's real. Doug is not coming back. Not coming back and it is sad," she said.

As to what happened on the Napa Valley Vine Trail, police will not reveal much.

"We have a collected evidence, received tips, developed investigative leads and are following up on all of them," said Napa Police Lieutenant Gary Pitkin.

How difficult this must be for a daughter. Davis brought her son Aiden on Monday, to tell him about her dad. It is a loss the 1-year old may never appreciate for years.

"I don't want his memory to die," said Davis. "They may think it's old news. It's not."

"What will you tell Aiden about your dad?" we asked.

Davis said, "He loved you a lot. He was so excited to be your grandfather."
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