Woman finds mass canine grave in Vallejo

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- On Columbus Parkway in Vallejo, the cars and people have been passing by for months -- but it was CC Peters and her dogs that made the sad and disturbing discovery in the bushes last February.

"Absolutely a murder scene," she said. "A homicide of different dogs."

A dozen of them, by her best count -- dumped in plastic bags and left to decompose. The remains have been intentionally blurred out in the video above because they would be too disturbing.

"We found bags filled with all types of breeds, sizes, colors, dogs that were dead," Peters told ABC7 News.

And next to them, what appear to be the tools that someone used to kill them.

"The cutting edge of the metal tree cutter still had remnants of red blood and furs," said Marie Chua.

Chua, along with Cindy Shay run the Center for Animal Rescue in Solano County and got involved after reading social media warnings from Shay to local dog owners.

This was long after she made the find and called Vallejo police.

"Police did come out here," Shay said.

She went on to say police said this wasn't a murder.

"There is nothing they could do, but I think it is a murder and there is something they could do," Shay added.

Animal Control, meantime, found nothing to identify the dogs -- no collars, no microchips. But they appeared to have been well-groomed and well-fed -- a yorkie, a lab, a poodle -- clearly pets.

"Something is definitely wrong with any soul that could do this," Shay told ABC7 News.

That's putting it mildly.

"Something wrong -- there's lots of missing dogs in the neighborhoods. People blame coyotes, well I think something else is going on," Peters said.

Vallejo police did not return our calls Wednesday night.

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