NFL player gives heartwarming pep talk to cancer-stricken daughter

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Devon Still is a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals. His four-year-old daughter Leah is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for a form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Still recently made headlines after the Cincinnati Bengals allowed him to play on their practice squad, giving him more time to spend with Leah.

On Thursday, Still posted an inspirational video of him driving Leah to surgery to have a tumor removed from her abdomen.

The post was liked by over 13,000 users on Instagram, and captured a great deal of media attention. Still and Leah's story have inspired Pldgit campaign "Help the Bengals Sack Pediatric Cancer," and has yet to reach its $100,000 goal.

Still regularly posts photos and videos of him and Leah on Instagram, often receiving an overwhelming positive response.

You can look at more inspirational photos of Still and Leah together below.