'DID HE REALLY JUST TOUCH ME LIKE THAT?' Security video shows woman chasing down man who allegedly groped her

NEW YORK -- New security video shows a woman chase a man who allegedly groped her.

In the video taken last month, you can see her running and chasing the man.

Just a few seconds before the video, she says that man squeezed her buttocks as they passed by each other on a stairway.

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She says she instantly felt angry and couldn't just walk away.

"I felt the rage coming from my stomach," the woman said. "I was like, 'What did he just do to me? Did he really just touch me like that?' And didn't even care, just like, walked off like it was nothing."

The woman says the man did apologize, but it didn't stop her reaction.

Eventually, the man got away, but she hopes this new video will help authorities identify him.
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