Dispatcher walks parent through CPR after child found unconscious in pool

CINCINNATI (KGO) -- A 4-year-old girl in Ohio is alive today thanks to the amazing work of a 911 dispatcher. The story is both a tale of heroism and caution.

Jocelynn Alexander has only been a dispatcher in a Cincinnati suburb since January, but she handled the ultimate emergency like the ultimate pro.

In the 911 call Wednesday you hear:

Parent: "We just found my daughter at the bottom of the pool. She's 4 years old."
Alexander: "Okay, is she awake?"
Parent: "No."
Alexander: "Is she breathing?"

Parent: "No."

On this situation, Alexander later said, "It was very nerve wracking. I have 2 nephews and I could only imagine what they were going through at that time finding her in the pool and, your heart just sinks."

Despite the pressure, Alexander calmly talked the family through CPR:

Alexander: "With your hand under her neck, pinch her nose closed and carefully tilt her head back again. Give two more regular breaths and then pump the chest 30 more times. See the chest rising and falling?"
Parent: "Yes.

Alexander: "Keep going, 30 more pumps. Count it out loud for me."
Parent: "Twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen..."

Alexander said after, "I'm so happy that she's ok and that her family was there with her."

The 4-year-old girl is stable and doing very well today; a relief for a dispatcher who doesn't usually learn the end result of her calls. This time, she did.
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