Georgia district attorney: Woman runs over sugar daddy after he stopped buying her things

A 47-year-old woman is headed to prison after Georgia prosecutors say she ran over her "sugar daddy" when he got tired of buying her things.

The woman first met the older man at a Walmart, according to the Cobb County District Attorney.

After they met, the two had lunch. "Over the next several days, she allowed him to buy her gifts and take her out," Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said. "By the end of the week, the man grew tired of being used and asked her to leave."

The man walked her to her car and that's when officials say she hit him with her car. "After she got in her car, she backed up and then accelerated toward the man, and he ended up on the hood of her Toyota Camry," Reynolds said. "She then reversed again and he managed to get off of her car, but then he was knocked to the ground, and she drove over him before exiting the driveway."

The man screamed for help and was able to call 911 from his cellphone.

On Monday, two years to the day from the assault, a judge sentenced the suspect to 25 years, with 15 years to serve in prison and the rest on probation, according to the district attorney.
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