Let's get crafty! DIY Easter egg project to make with kids

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Looking to get crafty this Easter? Even if you're just trying to keep the kids entertained, we have the perfect project for you.

Jessica Nascimento demonstrates how to make a paper mache egg using items that you already have in your home. You can make the eggs in different sizes to use as decoration, or even as an Easter basket that you can fill with flowers, painted rocks, plastic eggs--and of course, candy.

Read on for the full instructions. Happy Easter!

  • Flour and water

  • Paint brush

  • Tissue/ newspaper cut into strips

  • Balloon


Step 1: To create the flour paste, mix 1 part flour and 2 parts water.

Step 2: Blow up a balloon and position it to stand upright. Use a duct tape roll to hold it in place. The size of your balloon does not matter. The larger balloon, the longer it takes to cover.

Step 3: Using a large paint brush, apply the flour paste to the balloon. You may also use your hands. Although it is messy, this is a wonderful sensory activity for children who like to work with their hands. Apply tissue paper/newspaper onto the balloon, then apply paste on top. Add multiple layers so that your paper mache is sturdy.

Step 4: Allow your project to dry overnight. Depending on how many layers you've added, it may require another day or two to dry. Once the shell has completely hardened, pop the balloon to reveal the amazing egg shape.

Step 5: Cut a hole where the balloon's mouthpiece was located. Stuff your paper mache egg with decorative grass and Easter goodies.
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