DMV payment glitch could affect customers who recently paid for their vehicle tags

Action News viewers asked about problems making online payments to the DMV, so we started asking questions.

According to DMV officials in Sacramento, a glitch in the online payment system could affect your money and your vehicle tags.

DMV officials released a statement saying, "The DMV is informing customers that the department experienced technical difficulties processing credit and debit card payments starting on March 27, 2018. If a customer recently paid their vehicle registration or renewed their driver license or ID card, there may be a delay in the completion of their transaction. Transactions completed online, by phone and at Self-Service Terminals between March 27 and April 7 could be affected. Customers should not receive late fees if they attempted to make the payment before the due date."

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According to officials a new authorization for April 9 or 10 may be updated on the customer's credit card or bank account. All payments should be settled by Friday, they said.

If a customer attempted to pay more than once, the DMV said the charge will be refunded after the payment has cleared. Again, the DMV will not charge late fees to customers who attempted to make the payment before the due date.

Transactions completed at a field office or by mail are not affected.

The DMV has information on the payment processing issue on their website.

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