'Do It For The Love' hosts The Rocker's Ball to celebrate 10 years of philanthropy

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Monday, November 13, 2023
'Do It For The Love'  hosts black tie-dye affair
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'Do It For The Love' in San Francisco hosts annual fundraising event to help make live music wishes come true for people in need.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Michael and Sara Franti's 'Do It For The Love' nonprofit organization hosted the 5th annual Rocker's Ball. This year's rockin' night of dinner and dancing was held at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

Those who attended the "black tie-dye affair" helped to make live music wishes come true for people in need.

"The last three years, we've realized that being well is no longer a physical thing, being well is checking into your emotional and mental state," expressed Sara Franti, the Co-Founder of Do It For The Love. "Our version of wellness is that you can have these transformative experiences, but you can also have fun too. And both Michael and I grew up with the values of altruism and giving back."

With his wife Sara, singer and songwriter Michael Franti developed the nonprofit Do It For The Love, which inspires hope and healing through the power of music.

"What we do is we send adults and children living in end stages of life threatening illness, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans, to live concerts, we use the power of music to heal and bring hope," described Sara. "In those moments, it's joyful."

Michael Franti added, "We've done over 3,500 wishes and we've touched over 12,000 people we send the individual and up to four caregivers and friends, because we understand that this journey is not one where you're alone."

Do It For The Love is celebrating 10 years of giving back.

"Just before my eighth birthday in 2005, I was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer. I've been in and out of treatment for 18 years. And now I'm just dealing with all the aftermath of all the treatment," said Logan Lay, a Do It For The Love honoree.

Logan received the inaugural "Founders Award" at the Rocker's Ball. In 2019, Logan attended a John Mayer performance through Do It For The Love.

"I'm really happy that I can be an inspiration for other people and hopefully help them through their journeys," said Lay.

"You know, anytime I write a song, I'm always writing from my deepest place of emotion, and you kind of throw it out into the world," said Michael Franti. "We see families every night who are touched by music and those really deep moments. And not only my music, but all of the other artists that we send people to see."

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