Domino's testing self-driving pizza delivery

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Pizza delivery without an actually person at your door?

Ford is teaming up with Domino's Pizza to test how people react to self-driving pizza delivery cars.

It's part of pilot program in Miami, Florida and all you have to do is order a pizza, select "yes" to the self-driving delivery option and relax.

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After that, you'll get a text update when the self-driving car is at your door.

Ford won't say how many vehicles it will have on the road in Miami-Dade, but the company revealed it will be Ford's largest test bed for autonomous vehicles by the end of this year.

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All of the vehicles will have backup safety drivers.

Ford tells ABC News it hope to have fully autonomous cars on the road by 2021.

The question is do you still have to tip?

ABC News contributed to this report.

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