Video shows Warriors' Draymond Green driving 118 MPH

Friday, March 25, 2016
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Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has he used "poor judgment" after posting a Snapchat video of him driving 118 miles per hour in his new BMW.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A video posted to Snapchat is whipping up controversy for the squeaky-clean Golden State Warriors. It was posted on Wednesday and shows All-Star forward Draymond Green driving 118 miles per hour in his new BMW.

Green wasn't at the team shootaround on Thursday. He apologized for the video after Wednesday night's game night's game.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, however, says he'll be talking to his star forward about it.

"I know he addressed it last night, I just found out about it," he said. "He said he used poor judgment which is obviously the case and I'm confident very he won't do it again."

The Warriors have managed to keep a squeaky clean image throughout their last few seasons, including last year's championship. This is not the example the team wants to set, especially to young people like teens taking part in the "Every 15 minutes" driver safety program in the South Bay.

"I think it hurts his reputation for sure," said one teen.

Another added, "There are actions that he took that are mistakes."

The CHP says speeding and photographing it is about as dangerous as it gets.

"It's a bad idea for anybody to be driving that fast, over 100 miles per hour, on any of our Bay Area freeways," said CHP Officer Daniel Hill. "None of the freeways are really designed for those high rates of speed, you can't predict what other people are going to do around you, it's possible you don't know what sort of debris or other sorts of things are on the roadway."

The team wants Green to know if he feels the need for speed in the future, he should keep it on the basketball court.

Green's mom has weighed in on the controversy on Twitter. In a reply to a tweets she said, "RELAXXXXXX....y'all act like y'all have never tried to see how fast your car would go!"

She later tweeted that she had neither seen the video nor talked to her son about it.

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