Road trip for driverless car starts in San Francisco

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- San Francisco is the site Sunday morning for the beginning of a road trip for a driverless car. Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge, the self-driving Audi will maneuver itself all the way to New York City. What's scary for some is cutting-edge technology for others.

In futuristic sci-fi movies like "I, Robot" and "Minority Report," self-driving cars are everywhere. Now, autos on auto-pilot are revved up and getting ready for our driveways.

Engineers and cutting edge scientists from Delphi Automotive decked out a fleet of Audi SUVs with cameras, lasers, and radar all to teach the nearly $53,000 luxury car to drive itself.

And on Sunday morning, it's taking off on a history-making cross-country trip from San Francisco to New York. It'll cover 3,500 miles in about 10 days.

While there will be an operator in the driver's seat at all times in case of trouble, the Delphi-Tech will do the driving to navigate high-speed highways, twists and turns, and even traffic, all with no human hands on the wheel.

ABC News took one of their cars on a test drive, sitting alongside the engineers behind the technology.

The 8 mile, 36 minute drive through Mountain View was textbook perfect. The car stopped at lights and changed lanes. The only time someone had to take over the wheel was when road construction forced it to merge into the next lane.

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