Dry drowning warning from Houston family helps save 4-year-old's life in Florida

Monday, April 23, 2018
Girl suffers serious illness due to 'dry drowning'
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Girl suffers serious illness due to 'dry drowning' but mom knew to get help thanks to Texas story

A family is relieved their 4-year-old daughter is recovering days after she swallowed water in the family's swimming pool while playing with a pool noodle.

Lacey Grace told WFTS-TV that her daughter Elianna Grace had been blowing water through the pool toy when water was accidentally blown down her throat. Elianna immediately threw up, and her mother says she was acting normal.

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But two days later, Elianna developed a fever. Grace recalled the tragic death of 4-year-old Francisco Delgado III, who died after swimming at the Texas City Dike over Memorial Day weekend last year.

At the time, Baby Frankie's parents warned others about the danger of dry drowning, or secondary drowning, that can take place well after an incident in water.

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"I called my husband and I was crying and I said, you know they said to get her to the nearest ER as quick as you can," said Grace.

The water at some point seeped into Elianna's lungs and she was slowly dry drowning. Grace says because of this little boy's parents and their story, her daughter is alive.

Last June, a Colorado father also said his son's life was saved, thanks to the Delgado family's story.

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