Dublin residents ready for new low-water rules during drought

DUBLIN, Calif. (KGO) -- Bay Area homeowners are reacting to strict new water regulations that limit how much lawn new homes and commercial developments can have. The new regulations will have an effect on new homes and businesses. In Dublin, ABC7 News found homeowners who are more than willing to comply.

The signs of California's drought are growing -- piles of dried up grass kicked to the curb, recycled water tanks parked outside homes, and drought resistant plants filling landscapes.

Landscaper Taylor Brakeman is embracing what she calls a new California consciousness.

"I pull plants from lots of different drought areas -- Mexico, South Africa, Western Australia, Chile," she said.

Now her neighbors are asking her for tips.

Brakeman says she heard a lot of, "Hey that sounds great, would you do it for us?" She adds, "And I thought, sure!"

Brakeman picked a good time to start her business.

The California Water Commission is implementing new rules reducing grass around new homes from a third of a landscaped area down to a quarter.

Those new rules include reductions around new commercial and public developments as well. Large scale property changes requiring government permits also need to comply with the new regulations.

"Now with the drought being at its fifth year we really need it," she said.

There are some exceptions, including properties hooked up to recycled water.

Neighbor Lily Romo is one of Brakeman's first clients.

"With now the restrictions and just our consideration for the environment we decided to let the grass go out," said the Dublin resident.

Brakeman added, "It's going to be my canvas that I'm painting with plants."

The landscaper hopes by changing landscapes she'll also be changing minds. Gone are the days of sprawling green lawns.

"It should be your sanctuary it should be gorgeous," Brakeman said.

A new kind of beautiful that's compliant with new state standards.

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