'Klepto Cat' picked as Grand Marshal of Burlingame Pet Parade

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Remember Dusty-- the prolific cat burglar in San Mateo who stole more than 600 items from neighbors in just three years?

At the ripe old age of 13, dusty now spends his days sleeping, according to his owner Jean Chu.

Neighbors still think of Dusty as a celebrity. His story got more than a million hits on social media. It cat-apulted him onto news programs all over the world.

Dusty appeared on David Letterman's show. Jay Leno even had some fun with Dusty. Using computer graphics, he showed him pulling a Mercedes Benz.

Chu says Dusty is a reformed cat and that his thieving days are over. Well almost-- he still likes to steal.

"The last thing was this little whiffle ball." But mostly, "Towels, towels, rags, plastic bags ..."

But nothing like the 600 items he stole in just three years.

Our first story on Dusty was eight years ago. A camera installed by the Animal Planet Network captured his nightly heists for a week.

His record-- 11 different items in one night. Toys, towels and even people's personal items.

Dusty stole neighbor Kelly Mclellan's bikini bottom.

"He came back 10 minutes later and took the bikini top home."

Today, eight years later, we bumped into Kelly's spouse Brad.

We asked if she was missing any bikinis. She said, "No missing bikini tops or bottoms but maybe-- I ought to check."

The neighborhood does seem safer today, but residents are taking no chances.

"They don't leave stuff out anymore. And as get new neighbors in, the old neighbors will warn them about Dusty, " said Chu.

On Saturday, Dusty will be Grand Marshal of the Annual Pet Parade in Burlingame.

A PUUR-fect choice.

The Parade starts at 10 AM Saturday on Broadway.
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