Parents praise toy Dyson vacuum on Amazon for getting kids to clean

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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Teach your toddlers to clean with a Dyson of their own!

If you have a messy child, then this is the toy for them!

Casdon Toys has created a miniature version of Dyson's Ball Vacuum cleaner for kids.

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It's the perfect size and height for children three and up to push around the house, and according to some parents, it actually works.

The mini Dyson features real working suction, realistic sounds, and twist and turn actions like the real thing.

Parents took to the comment section of Amazon to praise the toy, saying it can suck up small pieces of paper, hair, and dirt that are collected in a removable debris drawer.

One woman said it even helped her special needs son become less "terrified" of vacuuming.

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Her comment read: "He LOVES it and now vacuums along with us instead of running and crying! That to me is a huge win."

It's 25" tall and weighs just over 1.7 pounds.

It comes in red, purple, pink or yellow. The price starts at $19.39 on Amazon and goes up to $44.99.