Big early voting numbers in Bay Area ahead of election

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The number of registered voters in the state is at an all-time high and counties like Santa Clara and San Francisco are seeing big early voting numbers.

Thousands of people voted over the weekend. They had to make more room in San Francisco for voting booths.

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The elections director said they expected this turn out.

They're not hearing that voters are concerned about voter fraud - there have been no complaints.

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The elections director said hacking and fraud is nearly impossible because of their set up.

Voters say they are relieved the election is finally here. "I feel good, I feel like I finally have a say in the process of the country. I feel I can tackle situations now and feel like I have leverage in them," voter Will Bogdan said.

A new ABC poll out Monday morning shows Hillary Clinton has a four-point lead over Donald Trump.

Voters also said in this poll that they are ready to accept the election's outcome.

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Volunteers for both candidates have been working the phones, urging people to vote, and warning them that they could face long lines and to set aside plenty of time.

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