San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed becomes acting mayor of San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- One of London Breed's first appearances as acting mayor was at an event announcing a gun buy-back program this weekend, something she cares deeply about.

"I hate guns, I hate what they've done to my community. I hate how they've taken lives of the people I've grown up with," Breed told reporters.

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For now Breed is taking on the role of a healer as the city is still very much in mourning over the death of Ed Lee.

Tuesday she asked co-workers and resident for patience and support.

People who were stopping by City Hall to place flowers, couldn't help but wonder how anyone could replace the late mayor.

"I am not blind, I see what happens in our streets every day and I'm going to continue to push for more housing," said Breed.

In addition to more affordable housing, Breed made it clear she will continue to focus on the ongoing problems associated with homelessness.

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But on Wednesday her main priority is making sure things run as they should.

"Assuring the public that we will continue to take care of the city," she added

While she said it was too early to say if she would run for mayor, Breed believes her knowledge of what they city needs, makes her uniquely qualified and prepared to step into the job.

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