Alum Rock superintendent under scrutiny for district finances

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A South Bay superintendent's job is on the line as multiple state lawmakers call for investigations into contracts awarded for work in the Alum Rock Union School District. But, Tuesday night parents said school board members may be the ones with something to hide.

"It's clear as mud," said Ernesto Bejarano, a parent in the district, "There's no transparency there's no clarity on what they're doing or why they're doing it. At the end of each meeting, we're left with the sense that we don't know what's happening."

The parents and teachers who've packed this boardroom are supporting Doctor Hilaria Bauer. They say her employment has been threatened eight times.

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"We have a superintendent who's doing a phenomenal job and by doing her job she's blowing the whistle they are bullying her," said Natalie Dowd-Abal, parent.

The County Office of Education has investigated the East San Jose District for alleged fraud involving a no-bid contractor the district hired to do millions of dollars in construction work. The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office has an open investigation too.

Bauer's supporters held a rally outside of the district office today. Board President Esau Herrera spoke to the contractor issue.

"Why is it taking so long? Hard to say, but as a lawyer myself, I can tell you had there been something untoward, it would have come out by now," said Herrera.

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Outside the board meeting, parents point to campaign contributions allegedly made by the contractor in question. They pulled campaign finance documents.

"It's just fishy because this is hundreds of hundreds of miles away that somebody is donating to somebodies school board candidacy all the way in East San Jose," said Dowd-Abal.

Following a closed session it appeared the school board kept Dr. Bauer on as superintendent. The board gave no explanation, but the parents say they'll keep digging.

"You don't need a law degree to see that there's corruption and the worst kind of people are the people who steal from children and that's what these crooks are doing," said Dowd-Abal.

Parents say the school board meetings often go well past midnight making attendance an eight-hour commitment. They say they'll keep attending, committed to taking control of their school district.
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