Bay Area LIFE: Be inspired by the Magic of Storytelling

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Grow your imagination! Be inspired by the Magic of Storytelling.

Great stories change lives. They introduce us to giant characters, exciting adventures and big dreams.

This year, Disney is donating 1 million books to children in need through the nonprofit First Book. Disney, ABC and First Book invite you to join the annual Magic of Storytelling campaign through March 31. Post a "shelfie" on Twitter or Instagram - a photo of you with a favorite book or bookshelf. For each "shelfie" posted with #MagicOfStorytelling, Disney will donate one book to a child in need through First Book.

Do you remember the first time you felt captivated by a book? Disney is inspiring kids through the magic of storytelling. "Mission child care consortium and we started 46 years ago. We currently have 224 children. They are low income families that we serve," Joseph said. "This event is special cause most of these kids are not going to be able to see any characters and being able to take books home is so great because some of these kids don't have books at home."

"I love to read about "Toy Story" and I love "Woody" and I like to read of "Ariel" and I love "Rapunzel" too," Joseph said.

"I read lots, and lots of books at my home and it's fun to read at nighttime and daytime," Jeremy said.

"This event is wonderful because it gives us a chance, for the performers to inspire the kids to start reading and reading is really important because every book is a new adventure. They will get to have their adventures every day and that's what they will do when they grow up. It's good to get them started early," Sophie said.

"The children will be inspired having someone come here and the characters and all these books, they are going to be inspired to read. They are probably going to ask their teachers as soon as they get to their classrooms, 'can you read us a story,"' Joseph said.

"My favorite part of this is seeing the kids' smiles on their faces. They are so happy, especially when they get to read the books and interact with us as we are reading it and then we bring in their favorite characters and they get so excited. It's wonderful to see how happy they are," Sophie said.

"Literacy is the key. It takes you to places out of your environment. To be able to read, that's an advantage. A lot of low-income families don't get literacy, so to have words in print is very important," Virgie said. "It builds that connection with the community. It lets parents know that reading is important and if the community is involved with the education of the children, then everyone is going to get involved."

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