Best learning apps for kids

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There are several free apps that can help kids learn, whether it's help with homework or taking notes. (KTRK)

There are several free apps that can help kids learn, whether it's help with homework or taking notes.

HISD technology specialist Diana Bidulescu says students at many schools are learning via digital tools. At Eastwood High School, each student has a laptop equipped with a program called Power Up.

"Power Up is part of Houston's initiative to bring a device in all of the high school students' hands to students' homes to they have access not just at school," Bidulescu.

The school district is working to get every student equipped with a laptop by next year, Bidulescu said. These apps will be on the apps to help with schoolwork:

Study Blue
With this app, you can make flash cards, take quizzes, and keep score to help you prep for a big test.

One Note
One Note keeps all your school work, thoughts, ideas, and to-do's in one area. Bidulescu says she likes One Note because as a parent, she can refer to her child's One Note app to help answer questions she might not know the answer too.

Wolfram Alpha
If you have a tough scientific question, rather than Google it you can use Wolfram Alpha to get answers.

For students learning English or parents who don't know English, Duolingo can help bridge the gap.

Babylon is another app for those not proficient in the English language. It has a dictionary and a translator.

Easy Bib
Easy Bib will help writing research papers much easier. Using the app, you can generate citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats for your bibliography.

Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation makes taking notes a breeze! You speak into the phone and instantly see your notes. It's up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard.

Another app making headlines...
If your child's math homework is a little over your head, but they're still asking you for help, check out PhotoMath. Simply use your smartphone to a photo of the questionable math problem. The app will then be able to tell you the answer. Hopefully that will get you closer to figuring it out and being able to explain it correctly to your kids.
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