Cal State University officials investigating data hack impacting 8 schools

SONOMA, Calif. -- California State University officials are investigating a data breach at eight campuses, including three in Los Angeles County.

The university said the personal information of nearly 80,000 students was compromised.

The hackers allegedly targeted students enrolled in an online sexual violence prevention course that is required by law.

They did not gain access to Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers or credit cards, but they did get into passwords to the course's website, students' campus IDs, email addresses and more.

Cal State Northridge students are outraged by the hack.

"It seemed a little unnecessary to me and the fact there is a security breach about that, I'm like, 'OK, great, the thing I didn't want to do anyway is now endangering my privacy,'" said Devan Zarro, CSUN student.

Students at Channel Islands, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Maritime Academy, Cal Poly Pomona, Northridge, San Diego and Sonoma were exposed and told to change their passwords.
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