East Bay students defend vice principal in protest over dress code

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- Students at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill protested the disciplining of an administrator, who warned students about wearing inappropriate clothing to school. Some female students complained that they were targeted.

The demonstration was big and loud. Students gathered on the edge of campus during the lunch hour to protest what they believe is an injustice. The school district has confirmed to ABC7 News that the very popular Vice Principal Gary Jensen has been placed on administrative leave with pay as a review is conducted over his comments over the school's dress code.

"We want Jensen back right now. He didn't do anything wrong," said one student.

The protest came after Jensen told hundreds of incoming sophomores at an assembly last week about what they shouldn't be wearing to school.

Four students felt they were the targets and complained that he had publicly shamed them, although Jensen didn't use names.

A school staffer, who did not want to be identified, told ABC7 News that Jensen was escorted off campus on Friday and that the district was investigating the incident.

"Everyone got mad at him at first, but then everyone started to realize that what he did, he was just following the rules," said the employee.

The rules, students say, are printed in their school planner, which is the dress code Jensen was talking about. The dress code prohibits among other attire, thin or strapless tank tops and plunging necklines.

"It's in our planner and he shouldn't be punished for telling us what's in our planner, which we can read on our own," said Gabriel Loman, a student.

"I mean, he was doing his job and he does have a point. His execution was wrong," stated Audrey Shupel, also a student.

Many student protestors say Jensen should have talked to the dress code violators privately. None of them believe he should be disciplined for what he did.
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