Families in need line up overnight for school supplies in South Bay

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There was huge line for the registration for the backpack and school supplies giveaway at Sacred Heart Community Service in San Jose. This year, they're giving away 3,300 backpacks. That's 300 more than last year and 1,200 more than five years ago.

Overnight, several people camped out to be first in line for registration for the backpack and school supplies giveaway. In the six o'clock hour, the line went around the corner. Just before the doors opened up at 9 a.m., about a thousand people were in a line a quarter of a mile long.

Why the increase in need?

"Primarily, the cost of living in San Jose is really impacting the families we serve," Jill Mitsch, with Sacred Heart.

San Jose resident Mayra Flores, "It is more difficult. Rent is way high. It is harder for us to get the supplies. All day they're asking for at school."

Sacred Heart says the students they serve come from schools that do not have access to as many resources and support as those in more affluent communities.

Parents are grateful.

"Kind, kind souls. They try to do the best they can. They try to help out as much as they can," explained Alam Smith, a San Jose parent.

The giveaway is August 12th. Sacred Heart needs donations. Find out how by clicking here.
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