Parents fight 4 lane road near San Jose elementary school

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's been part of San Jose's General Plan since 1994 but some parents are saying not so fast.

The city is moving forward with the environmental process for a Charcot Avenue extension over I-880 in north San Jose.

A spokesperson for the city's Department of Transportation called it "a vital east-west connection for residents and businesses in the area."

That area-includes Orchard Elementary School.

Currently, a two lane residential street, Silkwood Lane, runs behind the school along its sports fields and playground.

The extension project would bring Charcot Avenue over I-880 and connect it with Silkwood, creating a four-lane road behind the school.

Parents who are opposed to the extension said it would take away some 20,000 square feet of their campus, make it unsafe for students walking to and from school and force their children to breath polluted air.

"I don't think we can solve our traffic problems on the back of our children," said parent Robin Roemer.

Thursday night, the city hosted a community meeting on the project-a chance to explain the details of the plan (which includes sidewalks and bike lanes) and answer questions.

The meeting itself was another point of contention for parents.

Thursday's meeting fell on the same night as Orchard's open house and was located about 20 minutes away from the school at the Berryessa Library.

Parents question if that was done on purpose.

The city said it was not and scheduled a second meeting for Monday, May 21st at Orchard School for anyone who couldn't make it on Thursday.

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