Proof that kindergarten teachers give the best graduation speeches

(YouTube, Frederic Lumiere)

After all these years, he still has pearls of wisdom.
"Play fair. Don't hit people. Be aware of wonder."

It's funny how what you learn in kindergarten is important for the rest of your life. What better time to be reminded of this than at your high school graduation, by the very teacher who first taught it to you?

There are plenty of wonderful teachers who never forget their students, but it's hard for even the most forgetful teacher not to remember their very first class. For Jeff Berry, who began teaching kindergarten two school days before 9-11, this class was so important to him that he gave their high school graduation speech.

And what would a speech by a kindergarten teacher be without singing? Listen to the students give him a roaring cheer as he breaks out into "Kindergarten Wall," a song strangely fitting for the occasion.
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