Record freshman enrollment as students arrive at SFSU

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's move-in day for thousands of students at San Francisco State University.

This year's freshman class is bigger than ever and made up of lots of our neighbors to the South.

For Michael Linan, it's the first day of college, getting his first roommate and he is the first in his family to attend college.

"I had to push a lot to get here, but now I'm here, so it feels good," said Linan.

He's one of more than 4,000 students beginning his journey at S.F. State - many who are coming from Southern California.

"There are just lots of people across Southern California who want to come to S.F. State," said Jo Volkert, V.P. of Student Affairs.

Samantha Tovar is here, in part, because she wanted a blend of freedom, yet security.

"I chose it because it was not too far out of state or from home. Just far enough," said Tovar.

Others are motivated by the proximity to tech companies and start-ups, such as possible internship in Silicon Valley.
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