Sixth grader writes his will 'just in case' there's a school shooting

ALABAMA -- The mother of a sixth grader in Alabama says her son and his friend have done the unthinkable.

The two young students have written what appears to be a will and testament in response to the Parkland, Florida deadly school shooting.

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Javon Davies, 12, and his best friend promised to give the notes to each other's family in case one of them died in a school shooting.

Police have responded to numerous threats at schools around the country since 17 students were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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Javon said his school recently received a threat, which prompted him to write a "just in case" letter to his family.

"I said, 'Dear family. I love you all. You gave me the clothes on my back and you stuck with me all the time. Love, Javon,'" said Javon.

Javon's mom says she was heartbroken when she found it.

"I could not believe it. I mean my child is in the sixth grade. This is something he should not be thinking about," Javon's mom said.

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