New Jersey students walk out after teacher tells Spanish-speaking student to 'speak American'

CLIFFSIDE PARK, New Jersey -- About two dozen students walked out of their New Jersey high school Monday in protest after a teacher was caught on camera telling a student who was speaking Spanish to "speak American."

17-year old Yennifer Pinales says her teacher at Cliffside Park High School lashed out, telling her to practice her English.

Pinales, who moved to the US from the Dominican Republic nearly a decade ago, speaks fluent English.

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"The teacher should apologize," said Pinales. "She didn't only offend me, she offended a whole community. I'm not asking her to lose her job. And if she doesn't feel comfortable working with people speaking a second language then she should go someplace else."

After Pinales told the teacher she was appalled by her comments, she was kicked out of class.

The school says it encourages students who struggle with English to practice, but Pinales speaks Spanish because she wants to and is also in the process of learning French.
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