El Nino hastens Avalon Canyon erosion in Daly City

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- From Sky7 you see how wide Avalon Canyon has become as the wind and rain continue to eat away at the sand, dirt, and vegetation.

A steady stream of mud cuts a jutting path.

There is simply nothing Daly City public works crews can do as the erosion continues.

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It's cut under the sidewalk. And it could go.

Even though the adjacent homes are vacant now, there is no imminent danger.

"We have more storms coming in," said Lt. John Warren. "Based on what the city engineer said it could pose a great threat to these homes. At this point, there's no danger to the homes. However, if it rains constantly through the weekend, we may have to have mandatory evacuation on about eight homes."

Neighbors stay on watching and waiting. Luella Garrett has lived there for 19 years.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do," she said. "I just know that with my financial situation I have to really watch what I do. I'm trying to maintain as best as I can.

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She says she has had dreams that someday she would be swimming. She just hopes it is not now.

In Pacifica the waves are building, crashing into the pier. This morning that has been no threat to homes or property.

That's not the story in Sonoma County, Oceanside in the Bodega Bay. Powerful waves have been wearing away the cliff side and now expensive vacation homes and full time residences are buckling. They are shut down, unsafe. Officials say last gasp efforts simply won't be able to save them. They are likely to crash to the earth below soon.

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