Some Bay Area resident's surprised by Trump's victory

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- As disappointed as Hillary Clinton supporters feel a day after the election, the opposite is true for those who voted to elect Donald Trump.

In California, they lost the popular vote but did win the prize as expected.
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Based on polls, we went into this election expecting roughly half of this divided electorate to be upset, even angry. But as it turned out, not the half we expected.

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In politics, especially, there has to be a morning after. Live with it, or celebrate the new Trump.

Some people said they were surprised and thought Clinton had it in the bag."I think they got it wrong, but were fooled by their own prejudice, the media. They live in a bubble and that is why they don't talk to us," Michelle Citarella said.

Dunn, one of the Trump volunteers, who spent part of Wednesday cleaning up from the campaign and party woke up Tuesday morning, feeling so sure of a victory that never materialized. "I felt bad for them because I know what it is like to lose," he said.

Even in the post election analysis, some Trump supporters say the experts are getting it wrong.

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