Photographer captures chaos at Chinatown bus stop after crash

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Ten people were injured in San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood Thursday afternoon when a car careened into a bus stop.

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Bystanders watched from behind police tape as city workers swept up broken glass and took apart a crumpled mini shelter piece by piece.

Raymond heard it happen. "It sounded like bang," he said. "Really loud."

He stepped out of his photography studio and took photographs of the immediate aftermath. They show a car crushed against a metal support beam of the MUNI shelter, a man with a bloody face, missing a shoe and a woman dazed and hurt on the ground next to her grocery bag with a man comforting her.

First responders tended to injuries.

Raymond says an elderly woman was driving with a passenger when she somehow lost control.

Security camera video from a grocery store shows the impact and people scrambling to get out of the driver's path.

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who represents Chinatown, was in the area when it happened.

He helped load one of the victims into an ambulance. "There were a lot of individuals on the ground, many of them bleeding on the sidewalk," Peskin told ABC7 News. "It was kind of a pretty horrific scene."

Five of those injured are in serious condition. All are expected to survive.
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