Andi Dorfman finds love on 'The Bachelorette'

Andi Dorfman gave out her final rose in the season finale of "The Bachelorette". (WABC)

Andi Dorfman culminated this season of "The Bachelorette" with no shortage of drama in a three-hour finale special. Nick was first up to see Andi and meet her family. He met her mom, dad, and sister. He was clearly nervous and Hy (Andi's father) had a skeptical face from the start. Patti (Andi's mother) seemed to think that he wasn't very affectionate towards Andi, but noted that it could be because Nick is nervous.

At lunch, they talked about how he got the first impression rose and it seemed to be a little bit of a dry conversation. It didn't seem to flow very well. Nick took her mother aside and they talked about Andi's career and how she lights him up and it's a feeling he's never had before. He was very upfront and told his mother that he loves Andi so much, and it brought tears to Andi's mother's eyes! It was incredibly sweet.

Andi told her sister that Nick can see her entire soul. She says she's never felt that before in her life and he makes her feel like a woman (cue the music). I was super nervous for Nick as he sat down with Andi's dad. He's a tough cookie. He asked Nick what he likes about her and he said that she's very serious, but she doesn't take herself too seriously. He asked him where he sees the future going and Nick said that when they decide to get married, he would like Hy's permission and blessing to do so. He said that if they decide to be together then that's great because they seem like a great fit. Hy really seemed to take a liking to Nick!

Josh then met Andi's family and he had a tough act to follow. Josh showed up with flowers and candy in hand! Her mom, Patti, found Josh to be loud and chaotic. It seemed to throw her parents off a little bit after Nick was so quiet. Their personalities are so different. Her sister said that Josh seems to be her type. Her parents' first impression seemed to be that he was saying he was nervous, but he wasn't actually nervous. He seemed to have a good conversation with Andi's sister Rachel and her husband. I think that they found him to be a genuine guy.

Josh also got to have a one-on-one chat with Hy. He tried to make sure that Josh was OK with her hectic schedule and that things won't always be easy, and Josh tried to make him see that he's alright with that and that he wants something real with her. Josh said that he wants to propose to her and he wanted to have Hy's blessing. He gave Josh his blessing. Her dad said that he could see Josh being a son-in-law and he didn't have any concerns about him.

Now that meeting the family is out of the way, Andi finally got to spend some time with her final two before making her final decision in the Dominican Republic. First up, was Josh. They boarded a luxurious yacht together. They snuggled up on a blanket and set off into the Caribbean. They discussed his conversation with his dad and he was honest with her and said that he wants to marry her and he even got her dad's blessing. She says that she has an amazing connection with him, but she just has to get all of her doubts abated before she can commit to him. She said that she feels giddy around him and has butterflies. That bodes well for Josh!

Later that evening, they sat down together for some intimate time together and he told her that he knows everything about her and "there's no shaking" his feelings for her. He asked her if she had any questions for him, and she said that she can see what they have but worries about if it could last past this experience. Josh said she doesn't have to worry because on his end, it will last forever. He told her that she has changed everything for him and he's blessed because of her. He gave her a little gift where he made her very own baseball card and he wrote her stats on the back! Her errors were "can't dance and swears too much"! It was really cute. She still says that she feels like things may be too good to be true though.

Nick and Andi had their final date. They got into a Jeep together and it was so sweet, he kissed her right away. You can really see that he loves her. They went off-roading and it was a muddy little adventure. They went to a private lagoon to have a picnic lunch. It was like they were marooned on their own private island. They talked about his private conversations with her family and Andi said that he makes her feel sexy and like a woman who is ready to get married. It seems like their relationship is more "mature" than hers with Josh.

Is it just me or is it hard to see these guys both so happy knowing that one of them is going to end up heartbroken? Anyway, Nick and Andi settled in for a romantic evening with some champagne. He said that he will only ask her to marry him if there's no doubt in his mind that it's him and not Josh. He made an awkward toast and then they talked a little about how nervous Nick seemed. He said he was just trying not to ramble. She just said "It will be alright" and it seemed to put him at ease for the rest of the evening. He said he doesn't want to seem overconfident but she is giving him all of the signs. He made a necklace out of sand from the beach where he first told her he loved her. Aww. That's a sweet way to end their final date.

Then, it was finally the day of Andi's decision. Andi said that she has made her decision and she's sure of herself but it's still going to be hard to say goodbye to one of the guys. Knock, knock, who's at the door? It's Neil Lane with a bunch of giant, sparkly, diamond rings! Josh picked an oval cut diamond with a halo of diamonds around it. Nick opened the door, probably expecting Neil Lane, but Andi was at the door instead. O-M-G. This is different! We're so used to seeing the two limos and all that, but nope, Andi is a woman on a mission to get her man.

Andi told Nick that she woke up that morning and didn't feel like something was right and that she can't go through with it. She said that it's how he felt the morning he got engaged last time (if you remember back to his past, where he told Andi he was engaged before). She said that the things she sees with them is not ultimately what is best for both of them. He asked her when she started feeling like this. She said that she cannot relax with him and that they over analyze everything and a life with him she would be over analyzing ever single minute. He said that he didn't know how she could look at him the way she looked at him and the way she acted around him when he told her he loved her he just thought she meant it. Andi said that she did at the time and she never did "say" it. He asked if it was about "us" or "someone else". Well, I think it would be about someone else if she wants to not be with him!

He said that he woke up so confident based on their last date. He told her, "Sometimes I feel like you took it too far." She said that she wished she could say things back after he told her he loved her in the water. He said he wishes she hadn't said and done certain things because it basically led him on. He said that he hopes she's "a million percent sure and not scared." And Andi said that she was and that she had to go. With that, it was over between them. Nick stood on the balcony as it rained and Andi drove away crying in an SUV. As he packed, he took all the roses he had saved that she had given him and threw them in the trash.

Andi appeared in a beautiful white gown as Josh's limo pulled up. She said that when everything you've wished for is staring you right in the face, it's scary. I love how Chris Harrison says hello to the guys and that's it. He has a great poker face and gives away nothing! Josh walked up to Andi and was just beaming. Andi didn't have a huge smile right away and also seemed really, really nervous. Josh started talking first and said that when he decided to give up baseball, he knew that there was a greater love out there and he needed to find it, and that was her basically. He told her that she's the answer to all of his prayers and that she's the woman of his dreams and her smile brightens his day. He said he thinks that they can do anything together.

Andi started talking and said "Wow, it's definitely been a journey". Then she said that from the first time she met him, she was scared and when he said that the first person he said "I love you" to would be his wife. She says that she knows that feeling from the first time she met him was actually LOVE! She then said, "I love you, I'm madly in love with you!" She even said she wants to have babies with him. Josh burst with joy and said that he loves her and he can't wait to start their lives together. He got down on one knee and said "Andi Jeanette Dorfman, will you marry me?" And Andi said YES! It was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! Then they couldn't stop kissing each other! They really do seem so happy! Oh but wait, there's still one rose, and Josh gladly accepted it.

But wait, there's more! It's time for the "After the Final Rose" special. Right off the bat, we got an update on Nick. Chris Harrison said they rarely see someone experience this kind of heartbreak and his mother, Mary, said that it's been a rough road since he's been back. It breaks his mother's heart seeing him this way and it brought her to tears. She wants him to get answers to all of his questions so he can let it go, and tonight will be the night for that. Nick went to LA to see her before "The Men Tell All" and before the finale aired, but she wouldn't see him. She said that she wasn't ready to see him and Nick wrote a letter to give to her which we saw her receive at the end of "The Men Tell All" special. Seriously? He came all that way and just wants answers, she needs to give him closure.

Nick took to the stage and said that it is really hard to let go of the connection that he thought they had. He said it's heartbreaking to have it slip through his fingers. He said that Josh is a great guy and has a huge heart, but he can't answer if she made a mistake. He said he'll always wonder about what could have been. As he spoke about it, he wiped away tears in his eyes.

He was extremely nervous as she walked out, and he said he didn't know if she read the letter and he wasn't trying to pepper her with questions, but he wanted the opportunity to express to her how he felt. She said she did read the letter. He said that it meant a lot. He said he didn't know if he wanted to ask her anything, he said he was heartbroken and sad, but he says he does feel like he can find that kind of love again. He said he'll always be eternally grateful for it. She said that she knows how much it took to get him where he was, and there's nothing wrong with that, and he deserves to find that great love and someone who will reciprocate that back. He said it was hard thinking that she was the one who did, but then all of a sudden it was gone. She said, "I was not in love with him." That's why she never said it to him, but at the end of the day, but how do you compete with a greater love. There was nothing wrong with their relationship except that something else was more right. She apologized for not saying it months ago because it's hard to say to someone's face.

He said he wasn't sure why, knowing that he was in love with her and she wasn't in love with him, why she made love to him. She freaked out and said that it was "below the belt" and that should have been kept private. He said he had no expectations of that night and it meant the world to him and "that was finance stuff" and he had to play it over in his mind over and over now. He thought it was a little cavalier, but she said that's why she didn't have him pick out a ring and walk down there only to be told it wasn't him. She was a little harsh to him. In fairness to Nick, if she would have had this conversation with him months ago he wouldn't have had to bring this stuff up in front of a live studio audience.

Josh came out at last and joined Andi on stage. He said that he loves everything about her and that they are best friends. They talked about how they lived just five minutes apart and never had met! They said they want to go out in public and have a steak dinner. They say that they have been wearing disguises (Andi has a blonde wig) and they have been sneaking over to each other's places. Josh said that the show works and that they wanted people to know that they are madly in love! Cuties!

Andi says Josh would like the wedding sooner rather than later and joked that they were trying for a baby, but they aren't...yet. Then it got weird, they brought out grumpy cat (an internet celebrity) in honor of Andi's frown.

Don't forget, "Bachelor in Paradise" premieres next Monday night!
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