Ashley comes between Caila and Jared on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

NEW YORK -- This week picked up with Caila and Ashley talking about Jared. Caila wanted Ashley to back off, but Ashley basically said that they will never be friends and she'll always have feelings for Jared. Caila said, "We don't have to talk the rest of the time here if that's what you want." Ashley agreed. Then, Jared walked over and sat down next to Ashley after Caila walked away. Ashley started sniffling and crying and admitted to Jared that she is having a very hard time seeing him with Caila. Jared said that he wants to try to figure out his relationship with Caila on his own. Ashley said that she wished that there was someone who would show up that she could possibly be interested in. She went on crying about how her dog Lucy, who was her best friend, died a few months ago. She then prayed to her dog to send her a man.

Cue a montage of dogs and then Wells walking in! Could this be the man for Ashley? We'll see! He of course came in with a date card. Then everyone started basically begging Wells to take Ashley out on his date! Wells decided to ask Ashley and everyone cheered! It was so funny! Wells asked, "Is that how it is every time?" Ashley laughed and said, "No!"

Caila and Jared kissed on the beach and rejoiced that they could at last put their own relationship first and stop focusing on Ashley. Jared joked that some new girls would be coming and he couldn't wait to go on some dates the next week, but he's clearly smitten with her. Caila said that there was no question that she would give her rose to Jared this week.

Ashley and Wells went out on a dinner date for some tacos. They usually never eat on dates! So it's great to see some actual food! Wells asked Ashley if it's hard to see Jared and Caila together and she admitted that it has been a bit difficult. She added that it's great now that he's there. He said that he didn't want to be the guy that's there to make someone else jealous. Ashley added that she's excited to like someone else. It may have taken a turn for the worse when she admitted her favorite band is "Hansen." But they fed a stray dog together and really seemed to bond! Then they started kissing and making out at the dinner table! Is it just me or are they really cute together?! It is so great to see Ashley happy.

Back at the resort, Lace seemed to be flirting with a lot of the other guys, right in front of Grant. He started to push back because he told her he loved her last week, she didn't say it back, and now this is how she's acting. Nick said that Lace and Grant seemed to be fighting all the time. She told him, "Good luck on getting a rose tonight." Grant confronted her on it and all of her behavior and told her that he didn't want to put up with that. Lace walked away and cried about her and Grant's current uncertain status. Then she came back out to sit with the group and then started saying that she wanted to leave. Grant pleaded for her to stay and think about what she was actually doing. He told her he loved her again and said he did know what he was saying. He even apologized for overreacting to what she had said and she apologized for hurting his feelings.

Amanda told Jen and Nick they could sleep in the upstairs room alone, but Josh told them no and to get out. He wants to hook up with Amanda who is already fast asleep in her own bed. The producers had to tell Josh to basically leave Amanda alone so she could sleep. He went in there, woke Amanda up and he got all upset and said, "Good talk" and walked out. Poor Amanda was so confused!

Before the rose ceremony, Evan told Carly that he was falling in love with her and Carly said that she felt the same! What is happening here?! Talk about a 180! Meantime, Daniel was trying really hard to win over Haley by telling her he flew in some Las Vegas food for her. With Izzy, he brought over a lamp to make fun of her current guy, Brett. He told her that she could keep the lamp if she gave him a rose. It was hilarious because Brett actually felt a little threatened by that routine!

Amanda and Josh made up after their whole bedtime drama, but of course that wouldn't be the end of it. The twins and Nick started talking about how worried they are about Amanda. But then Chris Harrison walked in and told the group it was time to get the rose ceremony started. Here's the rose breakdown:
Carly - Evan
Ashley - Wells (as Jared smiled on approvingly)
Jennifer - Nick
Izzy - Brett
Caila - Jared
Lace - Grant
Amanda - Josh
Hailey and Emily - They cried and said that they hadn't found love so they were leaving.

That meant that Ryan, Karl, and Daniel were all eliminated. Why didn't they just let the guys stay?! They pulled Amanda aside on their way out. They told her that they felt Josh was there to boost his own image and they think there is a lot of truth to Andi's book. Amanda cried but didn't know if she should trust the Josh she knows or heed the warnings of several of her friends.

Josh came down to talk to her. Amanda told Josh she was confused. She said that the twins are her best friends and that it's hard not to trust them. Josh said it's just like looking in the gossip magazine when you read that stuff and Amanda should not believe it. He said that he hasn't gone out or done anything in the past six months because he's been dealing with his dog battling cancer. Josh said that he wants a family, loves kids, and he's ready to be a husband. He told Amanda that she knows who he is and that those guys just don't like him. The twins said that their info came from a source (Ahem, Nick) and Josh was super upset. He called everyone down to the beach and told everyone that by calling him fake it's affecting his real relationship. Josh said that he's looking for someone, he asked who was saying that, and Nick said, "I'll be honest, I don't know if you are." Josh was flabbergasted. They continued to fight as Jen and Amanda walked off. Nick said that was Josh doing his best to stay calm and it was still a little scary so now Amanda sees how he acts.

Then Josh seemed to be carrying suitcases around as the girls talked. He talked to Amanda and said he will leave with her and wants to continue their relationship outside of the show. Amanda said it was very hard to hear that from the twins because they are like her sisters. Really? I didn't realize they were that close. In the end, they decided to stay and try to enjoy their time there. I mean, Amanda has two small kids at home. There's no way she wants this dream vacation to end before it has to!

Jami showed up to "Paradise" with the intention of meeting Wells, who was the first to greet her. She's in school for Broadcast Journalism and that's what Wells' major was too so they have something in common. She asked him out on a date and he accepted right away. Ashley is going to be devastated! Nick broke the news to her and Ashley pretended not to care.

Jami and Wells had a great time driving in a buggy on their date. After that bit of adventure they climbed a waterfall and went diving into the water. You know that whenever it's a beautiful setting like that, romance is almost certain to bloom. After they shared a love of comic book characters they started kissing. Jami is very into him.

Back at the beach, Ashley tried to stay distracted but unfortunately, all she could see is Jared with Caila. Ashley sounded completely crazy in her conversation that she had with Caila about not making out with Jared in front of her, especially if Wells comes back in a new couple with Jami. It's just so awkward. Ashley should have left. Caila cried as Ashley told her that she didn't trust her, and Caila said she just wanted to get to know him and didn't want to hurt anyone. Ashley laughed and said that she felt bad for Caila. This is just painful to watch! Poor Caila just wants to go home. Caila found Jared and told him that she's leaving because she can't be there with Ashley.
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