Boyfriend uses creative personalized Disney posters to propose to girlfriend

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Jason Shoffman had custom, Disney-style posters created for when he proposed to his girlfriend. (ShoffyJ via Storyful/YouTube)

A dream is a wish your heart makes, and this Disney fan got her dream marriage proposal with Disney-styled romantic posters.

Jason Shoffman had custom, Disney animated-style portraits of him and his girlfriend Simone made as part of his creative marriage proposal to her. The posters each focused on a specific moment from the couple's relationship and were crafted to look like a Disney poster you'd see at your local movie theater.

"Simone loves everything Disney. So, I created a plausible story where Simone believed she was invited to an exclusive Disney exhibition, along with my sister, as a guest of my sister's fiance's record label," Shoffman wrote on YouTube.

The faux exhibition was staged at a building in London and even had waiters serving guests and actors walking around pretending to be art patrons.

When Simone arrived, she went downstairs to a room where that she thought was showing Disney "one off prints."

"What she actually found was milestone pictures from our relationship reimagined in Disney form," Showman wrote. "And once she realised, I tapped her on the shoulder and got down on one knee!"

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