Breaking good: 'stress therapy demolition' comes to San Jose

Looking for a new way to vent some steam? A new business is here to help. The fresh arrival to Downtown, Break Stuff, is located at 115 N. Fourth St., Suite 125

According to its website, the new business "is the Bay Area's first and only Stress Therapy Demolition Center whose purpose is to provide a venue to the public that encourages controlled chaos." Items available for smashing include television sets, glass bottles, computers, garden gnomes, and more.

There are five different packages available on site; customers can choose to bring in their own stuff to destroy for $25, or go all out and demolish 30+ glass bottles, two medium items and two large items for $100. (Check out the options here.)

With a five-star rating out of five Yelp reviews, Break Stuff is on its way to developing a local fan base.

David A., who reviewed the new spot on July 4, wrote, "My girlfriend surprised me with this experience and it was so rad! I never knew this kinda thing was actually a thing, but it is! We had so much fun smashing stuff."

"This was a ton of fun! I went with a group of co-workers after finding a Groupon," added Lauren B. "It's a great stress reliever and a fun weekend excursion. Pick out some songs ahead of time--we got caught off but managed to find some loud tunes to smash stuff to."

And Chelsey C. wrote, "We used a sledge hammer and baseball bats to destroy a microwave, industrial office printer, a case of glass bottles and more! Would highly recommend!! We will be back again."

Break Stuff is open from 1 p.m.-9 p.m. daily.