DIY: Make your own Christmas ornaments

This year, stretch your dollar and decorate your Christmas tree for less with these custom, one-of-a-kind ornaments you can make with family and friends.

You can get the glitter and the shimmer for just a couple of bucks and with a few easy steps.

DIY guru Rocquelle Porch hosts craft parties as a side business, and shares some of her guests' favorite ornaments.

First, the super easy fill-it-up glass ornaments.

"You're just stuffing," Porch says. "Whatever your heart desires."

Feathers and silver confetti may be items you already have at home. Finish it off with some stickers and tie a bow. That's it. For under a $1.50, you can create these custom pieces.

For the kids, candy ornaments are an exciting craft.

"For about a pack of eight or 10, you can get the shatter proof [ornaments] for probably under $5," Porch says.

Stuff candy inside and layer the look for an added bonus. The price is just $2 per ornament.

If your guests have a lot more time, all you need is a Styrofoam ball, an eyelet screw, sequins and the key piece: sequin pins.

"It's such a beautiful ornament when it's done that it is totally worth the time," Porch says. "You can do it with your girlfriends, have a great girls night."

Pin each sequin the ball and keep layer. Total time is 45 minutes. Total cost is just $2.

For more ideas, check out Rocquelle's website at
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