Everyone wants to date Wells on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

NEW YORK -- Caila told Jared that she was leaving and he told her that before he decides whether or not to leave with him, he wants to talk to Ashley first. Caila was clearly annoyed by that. Jared walked over to Ashley and told her that Caila left. She told him that Caila doesn't like him and she's just trying to protect him and that she told her to leave. He stood up to leave, but she tried to defend herself and started crying. Jared told Ashley he was going with Caila and stopped her van as she drove away. (During 'After Paradise' it was revealed that they broke up after 6 weeks of dating.)

Ashley ran back to the group and cried that she just lost her best friend. She decided to stay and give it her best shot with Wells, despite feeling heartbroken over Jared. Wells decided that it was time to have a conversation with Ashley about what happened with Jami. Wells said that he had a great time on the date with Jami. Meantime, Jami gushed to Jen and Nick that she really likes Wells. Wells told Ashley that he was unsure about their status and he needs to process his feelings. Wells said that he was confused by how rational and normal Ashley seems. He said that she continues to rewrite his perception of her.

Izzy said that her connection with Brett is stronger than ever and she feels more like herself with him than she did with Vinny. She's hoping that their relationship will continue after the show is over.

Lauren from Ben's season showed up and the guys started to swoon. She set her sights on Brett. Just as the group adjusted from that arrival, Shushanna also from Ben's season walked in. She wants Wells. They got one date card for a double date, so they would have to ask out different guys from each other at least. Ashley and Jami were upset about Wells as Izzy was upset about Brett going out on a date with the two new arrivals.

The new foursome spent the afternoon taking surfing lessons. Brett was digging Lauren and thought that she looked amazing in her bikini. Wells also thought that Shushanna looked amazing too, so amazing in fact that the show had to put a black bar on her butt to censor her. After surfing, Brett and Lauren did some kissing on the beach. He said that he's really confused about his feelings for Izzy now. Wells and Izzy put on "wish bracelets" and also did some kissing on the beach. He said he found her really sexy. Now Wells is torn in three directions.

Meantime, Amanda told Josh she's fine with everything as Nick did damage control with Jen and told her that he thinks of Amanda as a sister. A sister he went on a date with and made out with apparently. Amanda is actually questioning things though and so she is planning on seeing how things go on a date that evening. Josh and Amanda had dinner later and he told her that he is completely focused on her. Amanda told him that she trusts him and she won't let any comments bother her anymore.

Back at the beach, Jami tried to "go for it" with Wells. She wanted to make sure that Wells knew she was completely interested in him and focused on him and she made out with him. Ashley spotted it and had to stop herself from crying. Sushanna told Ashley she should "kiss him, because he's a good kisser," and she said, "Oh so you did kiss him," and Sushanna revealed that she had. Ashley told Wells that she really liked him and that she's feeling a bit stressed ahead of the rose ceremony. With that, she went in for the kiss.

Next week is the two part finale! You won't want to miss it!
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